Surviving a Data Breach & Cyber Security Planning

How to protect your business from a data breach, how to navigate the aftermath of a cyber attack, learn about the Ohio Data Protection Act, and how updating technology may benefit your tax bill.

Business Financial Planning

How subscription-based services can help your business budget for the future, the importance of forecasting and budgeting in projecting growth, and planning an exit strategy while ensuring your technology cooperates.

Business Impact of Phishing & IT Liability Insurance

IT liability insurance coverage and when it makes sense for your business, Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s place in the workforce, and “Don’t click that email!” – the importance of impactful phishing education for your employees.

Predicting Your Business’s Fate

The business world is changing and being able to adapt makes the difference between those who succeed and those who fail

It’s time to see where your business stacks up and position your company to endure the upcoming changes.

Through the lens of Technology, Law, and Finance, we will share a unique Forecast that will prepare you to protect and grow your business.

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